Edit Ribbon is hidden in List Edit Form that has two or more WebParts

1. Sharepoint 2013

This issue arises when we add additional WebPart to SharePoint Edit Form. The edit ribbon is now hidden since we have more than one WebPart contexts. SharePoint assumes our Edit page is in neutral environment and will not show the ribbon until we explicitly click on the List Form Edit WebPart.


This solution is a bit hacky but it will do the trick. We did do some reverse engineering on JavaScript calls and was able to figure out which one we need to trigger automatically when the page load up.
In the Edit Form page, select Settings/Gear Icon on the right top corner of the page and choose Edit Page. When the Edit Page Ribbon shows up, go there and insert either Script Editor/HTML Form WebPart. Copy and paste the script below to its content and choose OK.
Now our Edit Ribbon bar will show up automatically when we load the page.